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Valentines Day Gift Guide: Treat yourself this month!

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Life with fur babies

Good morning!

Today we are talking about our furry family members 🙂

Now I’m sure 99% of you are familiar with what it means to own a pet but Maddie and I might have been the very last of our friends to fully comprehend this concept! We had a dog when we were between the ages of 2-4 so we really never understood the attachment our friends had to childhood pets, new cats and dogs through college, etc.

However, our sisters BEGGED, seriously begged and pleaded, our mom for a dog 2 Christmases ago. Our mom (WAS) probably THE most anti-pet adult you may have ever met. So much to clean up after, so many things to spend money on and so much additional stress and worry to a family. We didn’t necessarily disagree with her. Unbeknownst to us, my mom had picked out and paid for a golden retriever puppy as a gift to all of us in 2014. We took a 2 hour road trip to pick her up in February and just like that we were changed people. Seriously, changed. The love for pets is indescribable! Mostly fun to see how much our anti-house pet mom adapted and loved something just about as much as she loved her own kids. The only one to live full time at home during this time was our younger brother so even though we loved our new baby sister Reese, we still never got that full experience of fully owning a pet.

This all changed this past summer when I brought home my first official fluffy baby. I live in an apartment so I always knew I wanted a small breed dog as well as knowing I wanted a breed that didn’t shed. I did a lot of research and eventually landed on wanting a maltipoo (maltese/poodle mix). Every liter I found was a minimum of 4 hours away, all requiring large deposits prior to ever meeting them. A friend of mine knew I was on the lookout for a male maltipoo and came across one in Prairie Village. I went to meet him 2 days later and immediately fell in love. They gave me the day to decide if this was something I was ready for but after holding him there was really no turning back. I went back that evening and took him home with me for good. (Though my mom absolutely adores Reese, she is still adamant about how much work pets are and couldn’t believe I actually pulled the trigger! Note: she might love my baby just as much as I do now and refers to herself as his grandma.)

Coming up with a name was hard but we landed on Hendrix (now, HNDRXX) and I could not be more obsessed with him, but I will give it to my mom that it is a literal life style change. The first few nights were horrible listening to him cry in his crate and having to take him to the bathroom every 25 minutes. The sleep and potty training does get easier, but they are processes you cannot deviate from! I worried every single night something would happen to him because he was such a small breed (and even small for his breed – his parents were both 6 pounds and I got him when he was 3) so he was definitely a runt. I learned all about heart and flea medication, kennel cough (unfortunately the hard way), grooming for specific breeds, getting male animals fixed, vet visits and more those first few months. It’s A LOT! All I kept saying to my mom was “How do people have real human children?!” Leaving the house is now not as easy as simply walking out the door, deciding to go out isn’t just something I can do without thinking ahead, going on vacation now requires additional planning, and my budget now includes a whole separate section I used to be able to spend on myself. Despite all of this, this baby truly has changed my life! It’s a weird (somewhat unhealthy) unconditional and obsessive love, but he brings so much joy to me, my family, and literally everyone who comes in contact with him.

Reese and HNDRXX truly changed our perspectives on being and becoming pet owners and we wouldn’t change it for the world. We are now amongst the majority of the rest of the world that likes most dogs more than people 😉

Happy Monday!


Ash & Maddie