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Mixture candles :
Mixture is a local Kansas City company owned by Dan Deleon and Jill Lee that offers over 60 products in 60 different fragrances! They have been around since 2008 and their stuff is truly the best!!

Why we love them:
Mixture has a focus on lowering their environmental footprint and offering the best possible natural products free from synthetics. All of their products can be made to order and every batch is hand made and hand poured! Whether you custom order something or not Mixture products feel and smell like they were made just for you and your home!

Why you need them:
They make the cutest home decor and the smell of the candles lingers for hours. Just a small votive can fill a room with the bet smell! They make great gifts and their votives are simple and beautiful. The candles add life to every room!

Where to buy them: is the perfect place to go explore to see all of their products and learn more about the company! OR SHOP LOCAL!!!! Support local businesses like we love to do!!! You can find their products at many different places in KC, their website even has a retail locator! Stuff in brookside, Nigros in Shawnee, and Tiffany Town in PV are just to name a few!!

Favorite scents and products:
CANDLES CANDLES CANDLES! Mixture candles are to die for, their scent carries and a single candle truly fills a room the moment you light them, the scents they offer are unlike any other candle or candle company we have tried! You can pick any votive you like and pick a scent to fill it with!

LAUNDRY DETERGENT! If you are a person who likes clean clothes clean sheets and wants to smell like heaven this is a MUST BUY. I have never wanted to wrap myself up in my sheets more than when I use this detergent. My house fills with an amazing scent just buy doing laundry, talk about a silver lining of a boring chore! Even post workout I smell good bc the detergent is safe and gentle yet smells so good and the scent sticks!

Fave scents:

Lavender lemongrass
Orange vanilla
Stargazer lily
Fresh linen
Egyptian cotton
Mission fig and coconut

Fave products:




Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


Valentines Day Gift Guide: Treat yourself this month!

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Love Candle

Flatbread Recipe

Good morning!

We adapted this recipe a while back after seeing these made on WellnessForTheWin’s instagram stories. They are so simple and delicious (and healthy!) and are now a staple in our weekly meals.

You can find her post for the secret to a perfect flatbread here:

We use Aldi’s Flatbreads and usually add some chicken if we have any, but these really are the perfect meal to truly make your own! All in all they take less than 20 minutes to create and you can add just about anything your heart desires.

Happy Humpday!



Life with fur babies

Good morning!

Today we are talking about our furry family members 🙂

Now I’m sure 99% of you are familiar with what it means to own a pet but Maddie and I might have been the very last of our friends to fully comprehend this concept! We had a dog when we were between the ages of 2-4 so we really never understood the attachment our friends had to childhood pets, new cats and dogs through college, etc.

However, our sisters BEGGED, seriously begged and pleaded, our mom for a dog 2 Christmases ago. Our mom (WAS) probably THE most anti-pet adult you may have ever met. So much to clean up after, so many things to spend money on and so much additional stress and worry to a family. We didn’t necessarily disagree with her. Unbeknownst to us, my mom had picked out and paid for a golden retriever puppy as a gift to all of us in 2014. We took a 2 hour road trip to pick her up in February and just like that we were changed people. Seriously, changed. The love for pets is indescribable! Mostly fun to see how much our anti-house pet mom adapted and loved something just about as much as she loved her own kids. The only one to live full time at home during this time was our younger brother so even though we loved our new baby sister Reese, we still never got that full experience of fully owning a pet.

This all changed this past summer when I brought home my first official fluffy baby. I live in an apartment so I always knew I wanted a small breed dog as well as knowing I wanted a breed that didn’t shed. I did a lot of research and eventually landed on wanting a maltipoo (maltese/poodle mix). Every liter I found was a minimum of 4 hours away, all requiring large deposits prior to ever meeting them. A friend of mine knew I was on the lookout for a male maltipoo and came across one in Prairie Village. I went to meet him 2 days later and immediately fell in love. They gave me the day to decide if this was something I was ready for but after holding him there was really no turning back. I went back that evening and took him home with me for good. (Though my mom absolutely adores Reese, she is still adamant about how much work pets are and couldn’t believe I actually pulled the trigger! Note: she might love my baby just as much as I do now and refers to herself as his grandma.)

Coming up with a name was hard but we landed on Hendrix (now, HNDRXX) and I could not be more obsessed with him, but I will give it to my mom that it is a literal life style change. The first few nights were horrible listening to him cry in his crate and having to take him to the bathroom every 25 minutes. The sleep and potty training does get easier, but they are processes you cannot deviate from! I worried every single night something would happen to him because he was such a small breed (and even small for his breed – his parents were both 6 pounds and I got him when he was 3) so he was definitely a runt. I learned all about heart and flea medication, kennel cough (unfortunately the hard way), grooming for specific breeds, getting male animals fixed, vet visits and more those first few months. It’s A LOT! All I kept saying to my mom was “How do people have real human children?!” Leaving the house is now not as easy as simply walking out the door, deciding to go out isn’t just something I can do without thinking ahead, going on vacation now requires additional planning, and my budget now includes a whole separate section I used to be able to spend on myself. Despite all of this, this baby truly has changed my life! It’s a weird (somewhat unhealthy) unconditional and obsessive love, but he brings so much joy to me, my family, and literally everyone who comes in contact with him.

Reese and HNDRXX truly changed our perspectives on being and becoming pet owners and we wouldn’t change it for the world. We are now amongst the majority of the rest of the world that likes most dogs more than people 😉

Happy Monday!


Ash & Maddie

Crazy about Coconut Oil

63BCA737-439E-4D8A-A7FB-31B397C36C42.jpegOrganic Coconut Oil: Why You Should Be Using It Everyday

To start this post, lets just say we LOVE coconut oil. It smells good, it tastes good, and it feels good..sounds like we’re describing an aphrodisiac doesn’t it? (We’ve heard some people have tried it as such, we wouldn’t recommend but I guess you can’t knock it til you try it!) Anyway, back to the actual substance! Coconut oil has so many uses and benefits we wanted to write about a few because it can seriously positively impact your life in so many ways!

Hair Care – there are so many uses and benefits to using coconut oil for hair care. You can use coconut oil to restore moisture to your hair, I like to use coconut oil on the ends of my hair when it feels dry, or use it as a deep conditioning treatment overnight! You can also use coconut oil in your hair to get a sleek look for a night out or day at the office when brushing it into a bun just isn’t going to cut it. Coconut oil helps restore protein in your hair helping it become stronger and more resistant to breakage.

Skin Care – We love coconut oil for skin care, there are just so many different ways to use it. We like to use it as lotion on our legs and before going out we’ll use it to make our legs look silky smooth, and it acts as a natural coconutty perfume, and who doesn’t love a girl that smells like the beach? And while we are on the topic of legs, if you need a quick shaving hack, coconut oil is the perfect shaving cream. It will build up in your razor, but it works better than any store bought cream we have ever used. If you get razor burn, especially down near ya lady parts, this is great at preventatrive and after care! You can also keep coconut oil around in the bathroom to use as makeup remover, there isn’t anything it wont take off, even tricky kylie lip kits! It works great as lip balm and moisturizer for your lips and face and is an amazing natural massage oil that wont clog bodily pores.

Weight Loss Aid – Coconut oil is a healthy fat that helps in the absorption of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that help boost your metabolism aiding in digestion and weight loss. This oil has less fat content and calories than other alternatives so using it to aid in weight loss programs helps to boost energy and get your body the healthy fats it needs!

Oral Health – Coconut oil can be a natural teeth whitener, that’s right by putting coconut oil in your mouth it can help WHITEN your teeth, and it doesn’t make them insanely sensitive like crest white strips if you accidentally fall asleep wearing them (OUCH!) Doing a 20 minute coconut pull each morning, which is the act of putting 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth and swishing it around for 20 minutes will help pull toxins from your mouth and naturally whiten your teeth. After the 20 minutes is up, spit it out to rid the toxins, rinse with warm water, and brush your teeth! You will start to notice your teeth and mouth will feel cleaner. Some say oil pulling helps aid in skin care and digestion as well since you are pulling toxins from your body and getting rid of them that you would otherwise swallow.

Cooking – This MIGHT be our favorite use for coconut oil. There is truly nothing is doesn’t add flavor to. It also has a high smoke temperature so it does not burn. It goes great when roasting vegetables, coating pans for baking, or cooking meat, eggs, pasta etc, it seriously works for with anything. It goes great in coffee for a subtle coconut flavor creamer, and can be used as a butter substitute in almost anything! It’s a great healthy fat smoothie add in, and if you feel like it, tastes good by the spoonful! Now it does have a high caloric content, so I don’t suggest eating it like yogurt but there are benefits of eating 1-2 tablespoons daily just as is!

As you can see there are so many benefits and joys of adding coconut oil to your daily life and routine, the ones we listed just scrape the surface of the uses of this natural wonderful oil! The biggest thing, if you are a coconut lover like me, living in a landlocked state, is the smell takes you right back to vacation and brings a smile to your face. Who doesn’t want that daily?!

Our favorite coconut oil is Simply Nature Organic Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil, you can buy this at ALDI grocery stores for $3.99 at 14oz a jar, this is a price/volume you cannot beat!!!

Kissing you from Kansas


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Good morning, all!

Today we are talking all things, Baldwin. Baldwin is a local Kansas City company that began in 2009. The company was out to create the perfect and authentic denim that wouldn’t go out of style and they succeeded. Many of you probably started to recognize this brand by their signature “KC” hats that are seen all around town, and now, the world. What’s so great about these is how versatile these are! They can be worn by both men and women with just about any outfit. Recently this company has grown and opened full time shops in Dallas, LA and NYC. What is so unique about this brand is that their products are created and produced locally.

We started coming around to this brand thanks to a man in our lives and his obsession with their hats, and since then we just can’t get enough. We love to rep our city, and they create the best clothing and accessories to do so! Their jeans fit perfectly, last throughout wears and washes, and are always on par with current styles and trends. So much of what they make can be worn any time in any setting and we love pieces that we don’t have to categorize one way or another.

We love to shop and are always deciding what to splurge on and this brand never disappoints. Their price points do tend to be a bit on the higher end because of the local production and time put into design, but it is worth the money! Baldwin products are so well made and never go out of style. Plus they always have things on sale!

Baldwin will continue to be one of our favorite local brands and we can’t wait to travel to see their new locations!


Ash & Maddie


Happy Tuesday!

Today we are talking all things BROWS. They’re a funny thing – we remember when we plucked each others and wanted them to be as thin as they could be when we were in middle school and since then the trend has become thick, natural & full. We’re here to let you know which products are best for filling in where your hair is sparse, what to invest in and where to go to get the best brows of your life!

For maintaining we usually wax and tint at Sopra Salon with Hayley. Sopra is full of some of the best beauty professionals in KC and Hayley is no exception! She’s a licensed esthetician and makes your experience quick and painless. We ask for a “clean up” and try and keep our natural shape, and tint to get a slightly darker shade than our natural hair color.

For filling in when we go out, we use all Anastasia Beverly Hills products – they are the best! We use the Brow Wiz and the Dip Brow Pomade, finishing with the ABH Tinted Brow Gel to give us a full look. Finally we use the Pro Pencil to clean up above and below brow bone for the perfect brows. Best ABH tutorial HERE.

Now as we all know, not everyone is blessed with perfect brows! I let my cousin pluck mine in the 7th grade and I swear they were never the same. I spent so much money finding the best products for shaping and filling in but at the end of the day, it was a lot of time and effort every time I left the house for work, dinner, etc. Earlier this year I decided to invest in microblading. Microblading is basically a semi-permanent tattoo. (Don’t let the tattoo part scare you!) It provides a means to partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair with the appearance of simulated hair using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments. And it is AWESOME. I went to Stacy at Bare Med Spa and, she did an amazing job at fully explaining this process, answering all of my questions, and finally, giving me brows I love! The total cost was around $600, and includes 2 visits after your consultation. During your consultation you’ll discuss shape, color, and test the pigment if you wish. The first appointment lasts about 2 hours during which you will undergo the service! They numb you and use a blade to make the perfect strokes that emulate real hair! The follow up appointment is about 6 weeks after when they will go over certain areas and fill in the color. Microblading lasts up to 2 years and after you just have to go in for color touch ups. This isn’t for everyone but for someone who has become brow obsessed over the last few years, it’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made! Below are my brows prior to microblading, after my first appointment and when they were completely done and healed. I highly recommend microblading! Even if you’re just considering the process, go visit Stacy at Bare Med Spa! She is great and will answer any and all questions you may have.


Have a great Thursday!


Ash & Maddie