Made by Mixture

Mixture candles :
Mixture is a local Kansas City company owned by Dan Deleon and Jill Lee that offers over 60 products in 60 different fragrances! They have been around since 2008 and their stuff is truly the best!!

Why we love them:
Mixture has a focus on lowering their environmental footprint and offering the best possible natural products free from synthetics. All of their products can be made to order and every batch is hand made and hand poured! Whether you custom order something or not Mixture products feel and smell like they were made just for you and your home!

Why you need them:
They make the cutest home decor and the smell of the candles lingers for hours. Just a small votive can fill a room with the bet smell! They make great gifts and their votives are simple and beautiful. The candles add life to every room!

Where to buy them: is the perfect place to go explore to see all of their products and learn more about the company! OR SHOP LOCAL!!!! Support local businesses like we love to do!!! You can find their products at many different places in KC, their website even has a retail locator! Stuff in brookside, Nigros in Shawnee, and Tiffany Town in PV are just to name a few!!

Favorite scents and products:
CANDLES CANDLES CANDLES! Mixture candles are to die for, their scent carries and a single candle truly fills a room the moment you light them, the scents they offer are unlike any other candle or candle company we have tried! You can pick any votive you like and pick a scent to fill it with!

LAUNDRY DETERGENT! If you are a person who likes clean clothes clean sheets and wants to smell like heaven this is a MUST BUY. I have never wanted to wrap myself up in my sheets more than when I use this detergent. My house fills with an amazing scent just buy doing laundry, talk about a silver lining of a boring chore! Even post workout I smell good bc the detergent is safe and gentle yet smells so good and the scent sticks!

Fave scents:

Lavender lemongrass
Orange vanilla
Stargazer lily
Fresh linen
Egyptian cotton
Mission fig and coconut

Fave products:




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